Firming Exercises and Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises does more than a lot of good for the muscles of the face. It also helps the skin that’s on top of the cushion the muscles provide. When facial muscles contract during exercise and workout, the skin experiences an increased blood flow which brings nutrients to the skin. Oxygen is carried to the cells and toxins that may cause inflammation and blemishes are removed.

The facial muscles are directly attached to the skin covering them. Because of age and gravity, these facial muscles start to lose their elasticity and tone. This leads to a condition where the skin attached to the facial muscles start to sag. The resulting image of the face is certainly not one that you would like to stare at you reflected on a mirror.

With regular facial exercises, the facial muscles increase in strength and tone. This results into the skin becoming smoother and younger looking. What you want to achieve in exercising your facial muscles is to develop a facial expression that will give off a pleasing impression.

You might surprise yourself that after sometime, you will notice a natural and permanent lifting of the muscles and skin of the face, giving you more confidence and fulfillment.

Facial exercises work, especially if combined with a very balanced diet. Never eat junk food because it will make you gain more than you trying to lose and firm up.

Facial Care Exercises:

Neck and Throat: There is nothing nice about a creepy looking neck with loose skin hanging around, and fold on fold of tired looking skin. There are exercises that will help relieve and prevent a double chin, loose skin in the neck and throat area and will also assist in toning these muscles.

Cheek: Our poor cheeks always seem to get a raw deal – they are forever ignored and not much time spent on them. Hanging skin forming that hang-dog look around your cheeks can be most aging. You can find facial exercises to lift and firm the cheeks as well to assist with that anti-aging and ageless look in our ebook.

Chin: Neck and chin normally betray the real age of the woman. But there is a natural method of getting rid of double chin and making the neck more beautiful, which is free, but effective. This method is facial exercise that specifically targets the chin.
Everyone can correct the form and size of their chin by doing facial exercises. The secret of these exercises is that they strengthen the muscles, lift the skin and reduce under-chin fat.

Jaws: There are exercises that can help relax the muscles and increase mobility in the jaw joints. These can be done when symptoms are mild or non-existent. Do not do these when pain is moderate to severe, instead the jaw should be rested as much as possible during these more painful episodes.

Forehead: Your forehead is one of the places where lines and wrinkles easily form, and permanent frown marks can also form between your eyebrows. It is best to be aware when you are frowning while working, reading or watching TV as this type of permanent frowning will lead to wrinkles forming.

Lips: A lot of women resort to a surgical solution to enlarge their lips, so that they look more attractive. Males are indeed attracted to beautiful lips. However not every woman can afford a lip enlargement operation. The fact is, any woman can make men’s heads go wild over the beauty of her lips without surgical interventions.

Eyes: The skin around the eye is the thinnest and most fragile skin found on the body, and wrinkles in this area causes great aging of the face, as the eyes are the central point of focus when people talk to you. Bags under the eyes also do great disservice to your looks, creating an uncared for look. Baggy eyes can be helped with certain facial eye exercises and effective skincare gels can go to some lengths to effectively remove this problem. Droopy eyelids can benefit greatly from ageless anti-aging facial exercises.

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